Compact pressure switches with 360° switching status display

The new pressure switches of the VEGABAR series are perfectly tailored to standard applications.

A luminous advantage:
360° switching status display

Thanks to the 360° switching status display, all switching states can be visually detected from any direction. The colour of the illuminated ring remains clearly visible even in daylight, also because it can be freely selected from over 256 colours.

At first glance, it can be seen whether the measuring process is running, whether the sensor is switching or whether there is possibly a fault in the process.

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Interconnected solutions


During the development of the new compact device series, the focus was also on simple assembly and operation. In this way all parameters can be set quickly. Via the VEGA Tools app also wirelessly via smartphone or tablet. With myVEGA you also get all the information you need about your products.

Wireless adjustment

With Bluetooth, VEGA is looking far into the future. But already today, radio technology is making processes more and more flexible. Wireless communication provides better accessibility: in clean rooms, in harsh industrial environments and in hazardous areas. It allows parameterisation, display and diagnostics from a distance of up to 25 metres, thus saving time and avoiding dangers. Simply via VEGA Tools app – on any available smartphone or tablet.



With myVEGA as your personal information platform you have access to numerous online functions relating to the VEGA products.

  • 2D/3D drawings of configured instruments
  • Access to product documentation and order data
  • Access codes for VEGA sensors

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VEGA uses IO-Link to make optimal use of all possibilities. With this manufacturer-independent, standard communication tool, sensors can be installed, parameterised and, if necessary, put back into operation faster and more cost-effectively. IO-Link is a digital interface that can transmit parameters automatically if an instrument is replaced.